Hi there, my name is Vincent Adam, I am an academic conducting research in machine learning with a keen interest in cognitive science. Given these geeky credentials, you won’t be surprised I am a technology enthusiast, marveling at human ingenuity over the last centuries.

Born in the late 80s, I grew up in the digital world with early desktop computers, the Game Boy, and bulky Nokia phones, then came smartphones and social media. These tools and objects shaped my life, society and culture.. and vice versa.

Over the last few decades, I have experienced first hand some (unexpected?) downsides of technology: it has at times participated in making me anxious or miserable in my personal and professional life. And I quickly noticed I was not alone to feel that way, nor alone to notice that these individual stories were caused by and fueled broader worrying societal changes.

It is this journey to understand the root causes and consequences of these personal and collective stories that I plan to share with you through this blog. This ongoing journey is at heart interdisciplinary spanning diverse fields such as psychology, sociology, politics, economics, biology, etc.

My aims are to inform, to trigger healthy discussions, and this is also an excuse to write.

What to expect? Report on studies, books, legislation, activism, my own options and musings, advice, possibly some fiction. I am keeping the options broad!

I plan to write regularly, every other week or so. I hope you enjoy it.